Attendees Applaud First Festival

michelle-susan-cherylFestival goers at the First Annual Justice On Trial Film Festival gave the event glowing praise in a post-event survey conducted to improve next year’s festival. Asked for their overall impression, 78% said they were “quite pleased,” 22% were “were somewhat pleased”–and no one said they were less than pleased.

“I’m really interested in prison reform and it was great to be able to partake in an event which it’s sole focus was on the justice system,” noted one respondent. “I also enjoyed talking to people who were interested in the same thing as me- it’s important to connect with people working toward the same cause.”

“I’m a Public Defender and the issues addressed speak directly to my daily work life. It was good to be around other soldiers in the fight,” reported another.

“When Michelle informed the gathering that she and Susan have seen that we need to follow MLK Jr.’s path and mobilize millions of us together and take back our dignity and our rights as people from those who would make a profit off our bodies and kill our souls, I was so very delighted,” commented a third. “I have believed that for some time and am so glad to find out their vision.”

Michelle Alexander gave a magnetic performance: “Michelle knocked me out, as she always does, and I loved networking with a whole community of like-minded folks” is how one survey taker responded.

The survey did point out shortfalls as well, with the lack of adequate signage to direct people to films and other events, a shortage of Latino representation in the films and audience, and a desire to see more young people at future film festivals.

Some also noted that showing films simultaneously meant people couldn’t see all the films they wanted to see. Others thought there could be more structured dialogue among attendees about the issues discussed in the films and speeches. The strong majority also found the Loyola Marymount location convenient.

Asked if they were likely to attend the film festival next year, a resounding 82% said they were very likely to do so.

See the full survey results here: JOT ATTENDEE SURVEY