Azadeh Zohrabi

azadeh zohrabiAzadeh Zohrabi is the National Campaigner at the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights where she works with communities and policy makers on ending mass criminalization and incarceration. As the daughter of two formerly incarcerated parents, Azadeh is intimately familiar with the intergenerational impacts of imprisonment and is dedicated to reducing the number of lives damaged by incarceration. She brings a lifetime of personal experience and over 10 years of advocacy and research experience to her work, having focused specifically on juvenile justice, women in prison, solitary confinement, and racial justice throughout the course of her career.

An attorney by training, Azadeh previously worked as a Soros Justice Fellow at Legal Services for Prisoners with Children where she served on the litigation team representing Pelican Bay prisoners in the federal lawsuit which resulted in a landmark agreement to end indefinite solitary confinement in California. Azadeh’s work has been cited by courts, attorneys, and scholars and has been featured in the New York Times, The Nation, The Guardian, Washington Post, The Atlantic, Ebony, Mother Jones and Al Jazeera.